z_wa01394Sometimes in life unexpected things happen. At those moments when you are at a financial crossroads and need a temporary financial solution, Jackie Abraham Jewelers is available to help you with a jewelry loan. Jackie can offer a collateral loan (also known as a secured loan) where you can use your diamond estate jewelry, loose diamonds, antique jewelry or other valuables and pledge them as collateral for the loan amount. The diamond estate jewelry, antique jewelry, loose diamonds or other items must be worth more than the loan amount.

When you make a jewelry loan with us, you retain title and ownership of your jewelry. You are merely leaving your fine or estate jewelry with us as collateral for the jewelry loan in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement. During the duration of the jewelry loan, Jackie Abraham Jewelers will store the item in a safe, secure vault. When the jewelry loan is repaid in full, the item is then released back to the client.

Your privacy is very important and every transaction and conversation is held in complete confidence. Credit checks are not required, so you can get your hassle-free cash quickly. All jewelry loan terms and fees are discussed in detail so you always know exactly what to expect.

With our high level of integrity and commitment to customer service, Jackie Abraham Jewelers is dedicated to providing you with the best in short-term financial solutions and can lend on the following items:

• Gold/Silver/Platinum Jewelry

• Estate and Fine Jewelry

• Diamonds, loose or set in jewelry

• Fine Watches (including Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Bulgari, and Cartier)

• Antique/Estate Jewelry

You will receive a thorough and complete appraisal for your diamond estate jewelry and other valuables by a certified gemologist. Each jewelry item will be analyzed, weighed and measured appropriately to determine the value of the item and then compared against the existing market price of gold, diamonds and gemstones to determine the fair market value of your items for the jewelry loan.

Please call Jackie Abraham Jewelers if you wish to set up an appointment to get a loan or sell your items today!