Jewelry Appraisals - Miami Florida

For over 16 years, Jackie Abraham Jewelers has been guarding your best interests.  Never worry about the cost of jewelry appraisal again. At Jackie Abraham our appraisals are completely free.

Jewelry appraisals, particularly antique appraisals, are just one of the many things we love doing for our clients. We find jewelry appraisals intriguing because we never know what kind of an exciting and unique jewelry items will be brought in. We continually see amazing jewelry pieces with stunning designs and styles coming from diverse time periods in jewelry history.

A fourth generation jeweler and certified gemologist, Jackie Abraham has been performing free jewelry appraisals for decades. Your free jewelry appraisal will include providing you with all of the necessary documentation containing thorough and complete details along with the appraised value of your fine or estate jewelry items.

It’s a good idea to visit local and established businesses for your jewelry appraisals, purchases and especially when you have gold, diamonds, or jewelry you wish to sell. A local jewelry has his name and reputation on the line, and unlike the visiting gem show, or the travel show wholesaler, they will be there the next week to answer any questions you have and to provide additional customer service.

Please contact us to schedule a free jewelry appraisal if you are interested in selling, trading-in or trading-up or even getting a loan against your fine or estate jewelry. Finding out what your family and estate heirlooms are worth is just a phone call away. We look forward to serving you in our upscale Bay Harbor Islands jewelry location.

To better serve you we are open Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. You can give us a call anytime during business hours at 305-868-4336 or simply complete our contact form and we will contact you at your convenience. Click Here