Naples Residents’ Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Diamond Solitaire

2Naples residents know the importance of choosing the correct diamond solitaire for that momentous occasion. You only get to propose once, get married once or have that special anniversary once in a lifetime. Isn’t it worth getting it right?

Jackie Abraham Jewelers can help you select just the right diamond solitaire in the perfect setting that will delight your loved one. Solitaire rings are stunning in their simplicity and capture beauty and eloquence in their finest brilliant display. Solitaire rings are like magic on your finger!

Tip #1 – Picking the Best Quality Diamond

Getting the best value for your purchase is important. You want to consider the diamond shape, the diamond quality, the clarity. Fortunately, there are several different diamond shapes and cuts so you will be able to select the diamond she prefers. Solitaire diamond cuts include:

• Round cut diamond
• Princess cut diamond
• Emerald cut diamond

Obviously, one of the most important decisions in your diamond purchase is about diamond quality. Knowing the secrets of diamond buying takes the mystery out of your decision.

The most precious diamonds are those that are considered to be colorless. The least desirable diamonds have a yellowish tint to them. Diamonds are graded by color using letters from D to Z. Colorless diamonds are graded D-E-F. More commonly purchased diamond grades are H-I-J. With their naked eye the average individual cannot usually see any visible flaws in diamonds graded H-I-J.

Because princess and emerald diamond have fewer cuts, imperfections are more easily seen. For these particular cuts Jackie Abraham Jewelers recommends purchasing stones in the G-H-I range.

Tip #2 – Selecting the Best Cut

Diamonds are cut to reflect light and show off their brilliance. When purchasing a diamond solitaire ring Jackie Abraham recommends selecting a cut that is minimally graded as “good.”

Obviously, selecting a cut of “very good” or “excellent” provides you with a higher quality diamond. You want to select a stone based upon its brilliance and ability to reflect light well. Cut is one thing you should never skimp on.

Tip #3 – Choosing a Setting to Show-Off Your Diamond Solitaire

There are several choices for types of metal used in the setting. The type of metal used in the setting will determine how quickly it wears out or wears down. It is very important to understand the differences between platinum, gold, tungsten, titanium, palladium, and other metals used in jewelry.

The popular preference for solitaire diamond rings is their sheer simple eloquence allows any woman to combine it with other jewelry accents and accessories ensuring that she will always have a distinctive and stylish appearance.

Get a Certificate of Quality

Jackie Abraham Jewelers always suggest that you get the certificate detailing the diamond quality. It is equally important to have your jeweler confirm that the diamond has not been treated with any laboratory chemicals or other processes to enhance and/or hide any inclusions. Always demand an authenticity certificate. Such a certificate will aid you in purchasing insurance for your diamond solitaire ring.

Make your next diamond purchase picture perfect by coming to Jackie Abraham Jewelers in Bay Habor Islands. We have been here for many years selling fine and estate jewelry to our community and are proud sponsors of many community events.

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Sell your Diamond Jewelry in Naples

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Buying Gold Jewelry in Naples

From Gold Estate Jewelry to Modern, Jackie Abraham assures you each transaction is safe and secure.  His conveniently located showroom in Bay Harbor Islands has a stunning collection of gold jewelry should you wish to buy a new one for yourself or for a loved one, or you wish to trade it up for something new in your collection. Jackie Abraham is committed to the excellence of his jewelry collection so expect only the best.

Jackie Abraham buys jewelry from gold to diamonds, and from different periods – new or modern, antique,   vintage or estate. His knowledge of jewelry is undeniable so no piece of jewelry is a stranger – he knows what he’s dealing with, and he knows its worth. It’s easy to reach out to him if you wish to schedule a free consultation – simply pick up your phone and call, fill out the contact form or email – Jackie Abraham and his team look forward serving you.