Finding Black Hills Gold Jewelry in Monroe County & The Keys

3Black Hills gold jewelry is manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Black Hills is a mountainous region in western South Dakota whose hills are sacred to Native American tribes. The Black Hills area became popular during the 1870s gold rush with prospector camps popping up around local towns like Deadwood, Central City, Lead, Hill City, and Custer City.

Who Created Black Hills Gold?

There is somewhat of a dispute about who actually created the first Black Hills gold jewelry design. Some credit French goldsmith named Henri LeBeau with its creation in the 1870’s during the Black Hills Gold Rush, saying he dreamed about the design after passing out from thirst and starvation.

Other sources claim S.T. Butler, a local goldsmith living in the Black Hills area during the 1860s, created it. In 1919, Butler’s grandson, F.L. Thorpe, started a company in the city of Deadwood for the manufacture of Black Hills gold jewelry.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry Distinctive Design

Black Hills gold jewelry is typified by leaves, grape clusters and vines and is comprised of various alloys of gold. It is typical in the creation of Black Hills jewelry to manufacture the pieces separately (i.e., the leaves, grapes, etc.) and then solder them together onto a common base.

The types of gold used are yellow, green and pink gold. Copper is alloyed together with various karats of yellow gold to make the red or pink gold while silver is combined with yellow gold to produce the green hue.

Nearly all Black Hills gold pieces, regardless of manufacturer, are composed of 10 karat yellow gold (ring shanks, pendant and earring bases). Leaves, grapes, roses, butterflies and so forth are typically created using 12 karat pink and green gold.

It is common to find 14 karat gold earring posts and 1/20 12 karat gold-filled 18″ chains for pendants. Many wedding sets are crafted from 14 karat gold shanks with some manufacturers even offering white gold for ring shanks.

Where Does Gold Come From for Making Black Hills Jewelry?

Since the closing of the Homestake Mine, gold for use in Black Hills gold jewelry is now being sourced outside of South Dakota. However, any jeweler who wishes to call its jewelry Black Hills Gold, must actually manufacture it in the Black Hills according to the 1980 ruling of the 8th Circuit court.

Caring for Black Hills Gold Jewelry

When your Black Hills Gold jewelry items lose their sparkle it is recommended that you have them professionally cleaned at a reputable jeweler, like Jackie Abraham Jewelers. You do it yourself is you are careful not to damage your pieces. You can effectively clean your Black Hills gold jewelry using a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water and a small amount of ammonia. Be very careful when cleaning items with diamonds, stones, opals, or pearls as the metal compounds used to mounting these stones may weakened by any prolonged soaking in a cleaning solution. Due to their delicate nature, opals, pearls and other gemstones may sustain damage from careless cleaning or handling. Avoid harsh solvents and chemicals so as not to damage your fine Black Hills gold jewelry or void your warranty.

Jackie Abraham Jewelers Buys and Sells Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Safe, Secure and Always Confidential. You can be assured of high quality, individualized caring service whether you are buying, selling, or seeking a loan against your fine jewelry. For four generations the Abraham family has stood for integrity and fair dealing. As a leading buyer of jewelry from the public, Jackie Abraham purchases jewelry, diamonds and watches of all qualities. Please call for a complimentary consultation with our certified gemologist.

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Buying Estate Jewelry in Monroe County and the Keys

With a population of more than 70,000 individuals, Monroe County and the Keys was created in 1823 and named after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States. It includes the island of Florida Keys and its county seat is Key West. Residents of Monroe County and the Keys know that when it comes to selling their estate jewelry whether diamond or gold, they can always count on Jackie Abraham to give them an honest evaluation of their prized items.

How to Sell Estate Jewelry

If you’ve been holding on to Grandma’s estate jewelry for a while now and you wish to sell it or trade it for something newer, then Jackie Abraham’s Bay Harbor Island showroom is the place to visit. The Abraham family has been in the Jewelry Business for four generations and has always stood for honesty when it comes to dealing with Jewelry. Selling Jackie Abraham your estate jewelry is easy – just schedule an appointment via phone, contact form or email. He will accommodate you at your convenience and even schedule a visit to your location should the occasion call for it.

Antique Estate Jewelry

Jackie Abraham is an expert in selling and buying antique estate jewelry. Just one look at his exceptional collection and you’ll probably think of selling your jewelry so you can buy a new one. Selling estate jewelry should not be trusted just to any jewelry buyer or pawnshop, to the untrained eye something of value maybe dismissed as costume jewelry or maybe an opportunity to shortchange you may arise. However, trust that with Jackie Abraham your jewelry will be appraised honestly and fairly. Offering one of the highest rates in the Monroe County and the Keys area, you’re sure to leave his showroom smiling.