Sheer Eloquence: Little Black Dress and Pearls in Miami Beach

pearl-ring-surrounded-by-pink-gemstones-and-diamondsIn the movie, Hepburn matches dazzling pearls and diamonds with her LBD to complete the essence of sheer eloquence. Many women still consider iconic Hepburn to be the ultimate fashion diva of the LBD and aspire to dress to that standard.

Introduced as a “fashion essential” by Chanel it was designed to be singular neutral color, long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and accessible to the widest market of women possible. The original calf-length Chanel black dress was published in American Vogue sporting only by a few diagonal lines running from the shoulders to form a V near the waistline. Vogue said that the LBD would become “a sort of uniform for all women of taste.” After losing some fashion ground, Dior’s new post-war look restored the LBD to its roots as beings women’s basic uniform and enlarged it to a symbol of provocative and dangerous women.

More than 80 years after Chanel’s introduction of the LBD, the ideal black dress is still considered to be as simply designed as possible. The sheer simplicity of design ensures that your LBD never looks outdated and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. In the movie Hepburn, as Holly Golightly, wore a stunning multi-stranded pearl necklace clasped with a large diamond medallion. Pearls and the LBD are a match made in heaven.

Pearls are among the world’s oldest gems and have remained much revered and sought-after by royalty and celebrities alike. So enamored with pearls, Elizabeth I was reputed to have owned 80 wigs decorated with pearls, 3,000 seed pearl-encrusted dresses, and many gorgeous pearl studded fans and bracelets. Pearls were symbolic of her purity, and you’ll notice she is enveloped by pearls from head-to-toe in many of her portraits.

Famous Pearls

Many famous pearls are thousands of years old and yet are still admired today. Pearls are remarkable reminders of the richness of life and enjoyment of beauty. Some of the most famous pearls include:

  • The Abernathy Pearl, named after the diver who discovered it, is a 44-grain, natural freshwater pearl and is the most perfect pearl found in the rivers of Scotland. A rare find, this famous specimen was nicknamed “The Little Willie.” A 44-grain pearl of such outstanding quality is very difficult to find. The Abernathy was displayed for almost 30 years in a Cairncross jewelry store until it was sold in 1992 for undisclosed amount. The pearl was originally discovered in1967 by professional pearl diver, Bill Abernathy, in the River Tay inside an odd-shaped mussel.
  • The Arco Valley Pearl, was reportedly given to the Emperor of China, Khubilai Khan, by Marco Polo. The Arco Valley Pearl is a baroque pearl that weighs 575 carats, or 2,301 grains, (78 x 41 x 35 mm) and is a white pearl with overtones of brown and pink. Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape ranging from minor aberrations to distinctly curved, pinch, ovoid or lumpy shapes.
  • The Big Pink Pearl, weighing a full 470 carats, was valued at $4.7 million USD in 1991. The Big Pink Pearl is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest natural abalone pearl ever to be found. Wesley Rankin found the pearl while diving in California’s Salt Point State Park in Petaluma, California.
  • The Gogibus Pearl, weighing a hefty 126 carats, is a pear-shaped pearl and is said to be the largest known pearl discovered off the coast of the West Indies during the early 17th century. Legend purports that King Philip IV purchased this pearl in 1620 from Gogibus, a merchant, who wore the pearl as a button in his cap.
  • The Hope Pearl is perhaps the largest and most famous natural saltwater pearl ever discovered. The Hope Pearl, like the Hope Diamond, is an astonishing gem. The pearl weighs 1,800 grains (450 carats), or approximately 4 ounces! The Hope pearl is a white, drop-shaped blister pearl and measures about 2 x 4 inches. The pearl ranges in color from greenish-gold on one end to white on the other and can be seen in the British Museum of Natural History. The Hope Pearl derives its name from its owner Henry Philip Hope.
  • The Huerfana is Spanish and means “the orphan.” Reported to be one of the most splendid gems of the Spanish Crown Jewels, the Huerfana was not discovered within an oyster as are most pearls, but instead found in a shell bed in the Gulf of Panama. The Huerfana, once owned by Doña Isabel de Bobadilla, the first female governor of Cuba, is rumored to have been a highly remarkable pearl because of its perfect shape, large size, and brilliant luster. Unfortunately, it has been reported destroyed when the Spanish palace burned in the 18th century.

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