How to Buy a Gold Chain in Kendall

Solid, Plated or Hollow Gold Chain

z_ch01018Plated gold chains are considerably cheaper; however, the gold plating wears off, exposing the metal underneath.  In order to restore the chain’s color, you will need to have the chain replated, which can be frustrating.  When you are purchasing a gold chain you will wear often, solid gold is far more durable.

When you handle some gold chains you will notice that they feel lighter than a chain of a similar size.  The reason they are lighter in weight is generally because some gold chains are actually hollow. While hollow chains are less expensive, they are also more easily broken or dented, and practically impossible to repair. When wearing a hollow gold chain, you’ll want to exercise greater care.

The Karats in Your Gold Chain

Remember, the purer the gold the softer and less durable it will be (10K, 14K).  Consider purchasing a 20Kt or 22Kt chain if you will wear it every day.   While low-karat gold is more durable it is not recommended to individuals who are allergic to nickel.

Pick the Chain Link Type

Flat chains such as the herringbone chain and the omega chain are more prone to twisting and can break more easily.  Exercise care when wearing a flat gold chain.  Another link type that many people have problems with is the round snake chain because it can catch on your clothing.  Twisted, kinked necklaces are difficult, if not impossible, to repair.

Another important consideration is the thickness of the links.  When you are going to place a charm on your gold chain, ensure it is strong enough to carry the additional weight.

The box chain and the wheat chain are among the sturdiest and relatively flexible.  These two chains are good choices for use with a pendant. Other good choices of chain links include the rope chain, curb chain, anchor chain, Figaro chain, and the mariner chain.

Inspect the Clasp             

Make sure your gold chain has a clasp that closes completely and won’t easily break. A lobster clasp is one of your best choices – it is solid and won’t easily open.  A lot of chains come with a cheaper spring-loaded ring clasp.  Ring clasps are usually thin and not as durable or as secure as the lobster clasp.

Lobster ClaspSpring Loaded Clasp

Lobster Clasp                    Spring loaded Clasp

Shop at Your Local Jewelers

Stop by Jackie Abraham Jewelers:  your experienced, upscale jeweler to see our fine jewelry and gold chain collections.  Always shop at your local jeweler – someone who has been an established member of your community for decades – someone like Jackie Abraham Jewelers.   We look forward to serving you.

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Kendall, Florida.

Originally known as Rockdale, Kendall, is an unincorporated place in Miami-Dade County in Florida. Kendall was named after Henry John Kendall the director of Florida Land and Mortgage after it was purchased from the State of Florida in 1883. The total population of Kendall as of the 2010 US census was 75,226. Climate is usually similar to Miami-Dade County, it is slightly cooler at night on winters and slightly warmer during the days in summer.

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Did you know that…

  • Gold as the metal of the Gods, was thought to have come from the Sun. In its pure form, Gold is 24 carats, and is a soft metal, which bends easily. Over the ages man has found that in order to make more durable jewelry, gold had to be mixed with harder metals. This is the reason why some jewelry are not made in pure gold, it comes in 18, 14 and 10 carats. It also is used to plate or layer other metals to make jewelry often called costume jewelry.