Jupiter Residents Know the Difference Between Gold Vermeil, Gold Plating and Gold-Filled

1Many of our Jupiter residents wanted to know the difference between gold vermeil, gold plating and gold-filled. At Jackie Abraham Jewelers we are always delighted to take the mystery out of purchasing fine jewelry. We love your questions and comments, so keep them coming.

The term “vermeil gold” refers to jewelry made of silver that is coated with gold. Often simply called “vermeil,” this term originates from the French and is pronounced “ver-may.” Other terms for vermeil include “silver-gilt” or “gilded silver.” The White House even has a collection of vermeil tableware kept on display in the Vermeil Room when it isn’t being used.

Composition of Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil items are made from sterling silver then coated with gold. In order to be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least be at least 2.5 micrometers thick and be a minimum of 10 carat (42%) gold.

The US has fairly stringent rules as applied to gold vermeil. For instance, a sterling silver item coated with a base metal such as nickel and then having a topcoat plating of gold cannot be sold as vermeil unless the manufacturer discloses that it also contains nickel as part of the base metal. Full manufacture disclosure is required.

How Gold Vermeil is Made

Vermeil can be produced by two different processes: fire-gilding or electrolysis. In the mid-18th century France used the fire-gilding process, which they later banned because artisans began developing blindness due to mercury involved in the process. Today, electrolysis is the main method used to produce gold vermeil.

Durability of Gold Vermeil

The life of gold vermeil jewelry depends on the thickness of its gold plating and the care it is given. The thicker the item’s top layer of gold and the karat quality of the gold determines its durability. The thicker and harder the gold plating the longer it takes to wear down.

Gold Vermeil, Gold-Filled and Gold-Plated Jewelry

Buying gold jewelry can be very confusing and can be even more challenging when trying to determine the differences between gold vermeil, gold plated and gold-filled jewelry.

Gold plated jewelry can be made with a variety of metals, not just silver. Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, usually copper or silver by either a chemical process or electrochemical plating.

Gold-filled jewelry is also known as “rolled gold” or “rolled gold plate.” Gold-filled jewelry is typically composed of a solid layer of gold bonded to a base metal such as brass by heat and pressure. Some gold-filled jewelry products are made using sterling silver as the base, although this more expensive and not terribly common today. Some higher quality gold-filled jewelry items can have the same appearance as 14 karat (58%) gold.

In the United States the guidelines for gold-filled jewelry is defined by the Federal Trade Commission. The most common jewelry stamps are 1/20 12kt GF, 1/20 14kt GF and 1/10 10kt. 1/10 10kt means the piece contains 10 karat gold.

Vermeil gold unlike gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry always has a base made of silver. Because of this vermeil jewelry is often more desirable than a comparable gold-plated or gold-filled piece. However, depending on the thickness of the plating you may find that gold-filled jewelry can be more durable.

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