Selling Platinum Jewelry in Boca Raton

diamond-pearl-platinum-ringPlatinum has become extremely popular in jewelry design – especially in the creation of dazzling and unforgettable wedding and anniversary bands. The bright, white metal has a high sheen and broad appeal. The rarity of the metal also sets it apart causing more emotional sentimentality over the rarity and reverence of it, paralleling the sacredness and reverence of marriage itself.

If, for any reason, there comes a time when you want to sell your platinum wedding ring or other platinum jewelry you’ll want to ensure you are getting top market value for your fine jewelry.

What is the Value of the Platinum Jewelry?

To the untrained eye silver or white gold may appear to be platinum. Remember platinum is much more scarce, rare and expensive than either silver or white gold. Whenever you are seeking to know the value of your platinum always insist that the buyer weigh the platinum item. It is not sufficient for the jeweler or other buyer to make a rough guestimate. In such a case, the buyer is likely to win and you are likely to walk away with less cash than the fair market value of your platinum jewelry.

Many platinum jewelry items contain stones or gems. If the platinum jewelry contains gemstones versus glass stones or other simulated stones you want to know the value of each stone or gem. For instance if you thought you had colored glass stones in your platinum ring, but actually had real rubies or rare naturally tinted diamonds you might accept less for your ring that it is actually worth!

Another distinguishing factor in the value of platinum jewelry can be found in the engravings, designs and settings; you could receive more money for Victorian or vintage jewelry. Always take any papers of certification or appraisals with you when you go to sell your platinum jewelry.

4 Important Tips When Selling Your Platinum Jewelry

1. Focus on quality of the jewelry piece, not weight. What kind of condition is it in? What’s the value of gemstones in the piece? Avoid buyers who will merely weigh the platinum and quote you an amount without ever looking at design, stones or jewelry details.

2. Trade-in, Trade-up. Most fine jewelry stones, Jackie Abraham’s notwithstanding, will allow you to trade-in or trade-up your jewelry for another piece of fine jewelry from one of their jewelry collections. Jewelry stores know how precious clients are and how important it is to keep them as life-long satisfied clients. It is personally important to Jackie Abraham that you are delighted with your experience in his jewelry store. When you are satisfied with your experience and the quality of the staff and service, you will come back again and again and share your great experience with your friends and family.

3. Shop around to know that you are getting the best possible deal. Ask for a thorough analysis by a certified gemologist, not just a rough guess at the weight or value. Evaluate the buyer’s business model, longevity in the community, read on-line independent reviews, and ask for references from satisfied clients.

4. Always ask for appraisals from local professional jewelry stores, not pawn shops or visiting gem show companies who have rented a hotel meeting room for a weekend. The local jewelry merchant, like Jackie Abraham, has their name on the line. They are integral and responsible merchants in your community. Their business depends on satisfied clients and repeat business.

You Have Alternatives

Selling platinum jewelry for cash is not the only option available to you. Jackie Abraham Jewelers will allow you to trade-in or trade-up your old, unwanted jewelry in exchange for newer, more beautiful jewelry in our store. In some instances, you may even be eligible for a loan against the jewelry.

In addition to platinum jewelry, Jackie Abraham purchases gold jewelry, diamonds and watches of all qualities. Call to schedule your free evaluation. All transactions are safe, secure and always confidential. Read the online customer reviews for Jackie Abraham Jewelers and you will discover that we deal with transparency, integrity and honesty with every client.

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Pearls for Sale in Boca Raton

If you have pearls for sale in the Boca Raton Jackie Abraham Jewelers is the best place to go. Jackie Abraham has certified gemologists and appraisers ready to speak with Boca Raton residents who are interested in how to sell pearls. Our GIA certified gemologists have years of experience in professional grading, buying and selling diamonds, gold and pearl jewelry.

We want to buy your diamond, gold and pearl jewelry.

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We are specialized pearl, gold and diamond buyers in Florida. We are not the typical estate jewelry buyers because we make sure that we provide exemplary service and the highest possible rates in the market. If you have pearls for sale, and want to know what are pearls worth, we can happily explain the buying process to you.

Jackie Abraham is your number one choice of local jewelers. We are also a supplier of jewelry to high-end clients in Florida as well as entire East Coast, and across many other states. In addition to purchasing your precious diamond, gold and pearl jewelry, Jackie Abraham Jewelers also sells estate jewelry.


Wondering what are pearls worth? Always be cautious when selling your valuable estate and fine jewelry to pawn shops, gold buyers, or other similar types of places. There are many untrained individuals in these stores and often they just offer a lump-type settlement rather than providing a grading and valuation of each jewelry piece individually. This type of approach to buying your diamonds or pearls for sale typically results in a lower payout to you. They must make a lower offer to you to insure a profit for themselves and because they lack expertise in grading your jewelry.

The gemologists at Jackie Abraham Jewelers are expert diamond graders who can provide a complete and detailed analysis of your jewelry, diamonds or diamond jewelry before making you the highest possible cash offer.

Get the most cash for pearls, diamonds or diamond jewelry from Jackie Abraham Fine and Estate Jewelers.

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Jackie Abraham Fine and Estate Jewelry is the best choice in Boca Raton to sell your pearls. We don’t just sell jewelry but we also buy them from individuals in other Florida cities. We buy pearls, gold and diamonds in Boca Raton as well as estate and antique jewelry.

“I worked directly with Jackie when I needed to sell my antique pearl earrings. The experience was exemplary in every way. Jackie and his staff were professional, patiently explaining various details of how to sell pearls along with possible trade-in options. I have the satisfaction of knowing I got the very best sell-out option at an extremely fair price. Being treated with respect by a jeweler that takes its product and services seriously is a rare treat. I would recommend Jackie Abraham Jewelers to anyone interested in selling or purchasing pearls.”


When you have pearls for sale, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can help you if you are interested in selling, trading in or trading up. Find out what your family and estate heirlooms are worth. We look forward to serving you.

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Fake Pearls or Real Pearls… How to Tell the Difference

  • You may hear fake pearls referred to faux pearls, costume, imitation, man-made, simulated, artificial, and Mallorca, or Majorica.
  • Mallorca, or Majorica are heavily marketed as though they are real pearls and come with certificates and special boxes. While you may pay more for them than other fake pearls they do not have any more real value than other faux pearls.
  • Fake pearls are made to look like the more expensive pearls and are made up of glass, ceramic, shell or plastic and coated with a varnish or other material that simulate a pearl-like luster. They are man-made.
  • Real natural pearls are rare and are made by mollusks, oysters, mussels or other bi-valve species. The rarest pearls are formed spontaneously in the wild and discovered by happenstance.
  • Because of their rarity, most natural pearls are out of the typical buyer’s price range.
  • Fake pearls are very perfect in detail and exacting in size and color. They have a fabulous luster on every part of their surface, whereas natural pearls will always have some sort of imperfection when viewed closely and will be variable in size and color.
  • Fake pearls are lighter and natural pearls are heavier.

The final test to see if your pearls are real or not…

When you feel the pearls, are they cold? If so, they may be real.

If you gently rub them together or run them across the front of your teeth, do they feel gritty or have resistance? If so, they may be real.