Diamond Carat Weight vs. Total Carat Weight in Ft. Lauderdale

z_ri01498Are you confused by these two terms?

When you are shopping in stores or looking at ads for diamond jewelry, have you been confused by these two terms? If you are considering buying a diamond ring you should know what its advertised carat weight really means and how diamond weights and carats are calculated.

How Diamond Carats are Calculated

Carat is a term used for measuring gemstones and pearls and is sometimes called the metric carat. The official use of the carat as a way to measure gemstones and pearls was adopted in 1907 at the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measures, and then additionally adopted in many countries around the world.

One carat is equal to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams). One diamond carat is then subdivided into what are called points. One carat contains 100 points. Each point represents a hundredth of a carat. That is why you see diamonds listed with a decimal point, i.e., 5.56 carats.

You will also notice that carat is abbreviated in a couple of ways: “ct” or “CT.” So it follows that carat weight is abbreviated as “cw” or “CW.” And, yet another abbreviation when referring to the weight of diamonds is “dw” or “DW.” These abbreviations apply to a SINGLE stone.

Total carat weight (CTW) refers to the entire group of diamonds within a jewelry piece and is sum of the weight of each diamond in the piece added together. While CTW is the most common abbreviation for Total Carat Weight, other abbreviations used are TW, and “dtw” (or “DTW”), referring to “diamond total weight.”

Diamonds in a Ring

To better understand carats, below are two examples of how diamonds and carats would be calculated in two different rings.

Single Carat: If you had two rings side by side with exactly the same 2 CT diamond one diamond might appear larger and one smaller. Just because diamonds have the same carat weight (cw) doesn’t mean they will visually appear the same. Factors that affect how big a diamond visually appears to be are: (1) the setting it is mounted in, (2) how the stone was cut (shape and type of cut), and (3) brilliance and color of the diamond.

Calculating Carats in a ring with a single diamond:

Single Diamond = 2 CT
Total Carat Weight = 2 CT

Multiple Carats: If you were looking at a diamond ring with one large diamond and two smaller ones, the calculation looks like this:
Calculating Carats in a ring with multiple diamonds:

Large diamond = 1 ct
Smaller diamond = 0.5 ct
Smaller diamond = 0.5 ct
Total Carat Weight = 2 CTW

Note that while both rings have the same total carat weight (CTW) the ring with the single diamond is likely to be more expensive and presumably a higher quality. Review the tags and labels carefully when buying diamonds. Many tags list the CTW without giving a clue as to how much each individual diamond in the piece weighs individually.

Questions to Ask When Buying Diamonds

When you are buying a piece of jewelry with a large center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, you will want to know in particular the carat weight of the large center stone. The center diamond should be the highest quality of all the diamonds in the piece and is certainly the most visible diamond. The surrounding smaller diamonds, often called diamond accents, are likely to be less valuable and often are not as high quality as the center diamond.

If you are able to determine the individual CT of each stone you will be able to know how good of a deal you are getting. Always as for a breakdown of value of the single stones whenever you see the weight listed as Total Carat Weight. Remember to compare diamonds with similar characteristics as differences in carat weight between two diamonds means nothing if the clarity, cut or color is dramatically different.

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Some Tips from ABC’s Good Morning America When You Sell Your Gold

Gold parties can be fun and everyone is attending them. You can sell your gold jewelry on the spot, but not so fast!

These tips are from the BBB to make sure you’re getting the best value when you sell your gold, and that you are not just getting ripped off.

Understand the Scales. The weight of gold helps to determine the value of the gold, but remember jewelers use a measurement standard called a Troy ounce. Be alert that a dealer does not weigh your gold by penny weight but pay you by the gram – this is a very sneaky way for the gold buyer to pay you less than your gold is worth.

Know Your Karats. Pure gold is too soft to be practically used it, therefore is combined with other metals to create color and durability. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that all jewelry sold in the United States describe a karat fineness of the alloy, thus, one karat equals 1/24 of pure gold by weight. It follows then that 14 karats would mean the jewelry was 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. Note that it is illegal for jewelry to be labeled “gold jewelry” if it is less than 10 karats.

Keep Your Karats Separate. Don’t allow the gold buyer to weight gold jewelry of different karats to be weighted together on the same scale at the same time. A common trick is for the gold buyer to weigh them all together and then to make you an offer based on the lowest karat value. Always separate your gold jewelry by karat value before attending any gold party.

Know Your Gold Buyer. Many unscrupulous gold buyers are preying on unsuspecting people who want to sell their gold and diamonds. Make sure that the store has been established in the community for many years and they have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau and other local organizations like the Small Business Administration or the Chamber of Commerce. You can sell your gold with confidence to Jackie Abraham because he has been buying and selling gold for decades and is well-known and established in Bay Harbor Islands.