Understanding Platinum, Gold and Other Metals Used in Jewelry in Coconut Grove

diamond-necklace-pendant-with-bowJewelry crafted from platinum is esteemed to be highly precious because platinum is extremely rare and typically one of the most expensive metals used in jewelry. Although some individuals consider the high price tag to be a negative selling point, there are multiple advantages to the use of platinum as compared to other metals used in jewelry making.

Platinum Positives

Three big reasons platinum is often chosen over gold are purity, durability and platinum is hypoallergenic.

  • One of the defining characteristics of platinum is that it is one of the purest metals. Platinum used in jewelry making is generally between 95% and 99% pure.
  • Unlike softer metals like gold, platinum lasts much longer in jewelry without showing significant signs of wear. Rings made of platinum require less repair over time as their prongs do not break, wear or easily bend. The diamonds or other precious gemstones placed into a platinum setting are safer and more secure.
  • Platinum jewelry needs much less polishing than other metals and allows (white or yellow gold) because unlike softer metals it is not as easily scratched.
  • Individuals who exhibit allergic reactions to gold and other metals absolutely love platinum because the high purity level of the metal does not cause allergic reactions. People who are allergic to nickel, which is often a key component in gold (to make it more durable), often find that 10-karat or even 14-karat yellow gold provokes skin irritations. No such irritation or reaction occurs when platinum is used.

White Gold

White gold lacks the purity of platinum and is really just a mixture of yellow gold and another white metal which is then covered with rhodium. The rhodium plating wears off over time eventually exposing the yellowish gold metal alloy layer underneath. When this occurs the value of your white gold jewelry decreases and necessitates having the jewelry re-plated to restore its condition and value. Re-plating often comes with a high price tag. Platinum, due to its hardness and purity of construction doesn’t exhibit wear problems which require any re-plating.

Silver Jewelry

While certainly more affordable than platinum, silver jewelry tarnishes and requires greater care. Silver is a softer and less durable metal so when you are choosing jewelry you intend to wear often, platinum is the clear winner.

Another problem with silver is that it tarnishes with time; you must clean your silver pieces more often. Silver’s redeeming quality is that it is much more affordable than platinum.

Tungsten Jewelry

Tungsten looks much like platinum but is considerably cheaper and won’t scratch as easily as platinum. Tungsten is difficult to cut and rings are not as readily resized when made of this metal. In addition, tungsten rings can only be engraved using a laser.

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium, palladium and platinum are very good choices for individuals suffering allergic reactions to metal. Titanium is lighter, more durable and more affordable than platinum, however scratches are harder to remove from it. Titanium is often preferred because of its light weight.

Palladium Jewelry

Palladium, also hypoallergenic, is lighter and cheaper than platinum while giving a beautiful look to any jewelry piece.

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