FAQ about Selling Jewelry for Cash

cleardotz_pb01153Individuals often have many questions when it comes to pre-owned diamonds, buying or selling antique jewelry or how to get a ring appraisal, or appraisals for other jewelry items. In addition, we get many inquiries about how to easily sell jewelry for cash.

Q. What is the value of my jewelry?
A. The value of a piece of jewelry is based on marketability and the condition and quality of the diamond or jewelry. The selling price will be based on the wholesale price that it costs to replace the item. To effectively sell your jewelry or diamond, you need a realistic understanding of its value which is achieved by obtaining a completely and thorough evaluaton of your jewelry item.

Q. Who will appraise my pre-owned diamonds, antique jewelry or watch?
A. Whenever you wish to sell jewelry for cash or get a ring appraisal you always want to consult with a certified gemologist like those at Jackie Abraham Jewelers. That way you are sure you will get honest answers and fair prices when selling antique jewelry and other jewelry or valuable items.

Q. How do I know I will get the best price?
A. Jackie Abraham Jewelers has been an established community merchant for many years, and he has his reputation at stake. Because of his ability to sell items wholesale to his network of buyers, Jackie Abraham can pay a much higher price than most pawn shops and other jewelry dealers. Many people who sell their jewelry for cash have many concerns and questions so we recommend calling us if you do not find the answer to your question here.

Q. What is your service area?
A. Jackie Abraham Jewelers serves the tri-county area of Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach for individuals who are selling jewelry for cash. In some instances we are able to come to your location, or often we are able to answer your questions through a phone consultation.

Q. Can you make me an offer to purchase my jewelry without seeing it?
A. We do not make offers without seeing your jewelry. You remain with your jewelry during our assessment. If we are interested in purchasing, an offer is made and you are paid before leaving the store. You are under no obligation to sell after receiving our offer.

Q. Do you provide written appraisals?
A. You can get a ring appraisal, or an appraisal for any other estate or fine jewelry piece performed by the certified gemologists at Jackie Abrahams. We are pleased to provide you with a complete and thorough written appraisal for use with your insurance company, or even just for your own knowledge.

Q. What forms of payment do you offer?
A. We pay in cash or wire transfer.

Q. How long will you honor your quote to purchase an item?
A. Due to the ever changing metals market, offers are only good the day they are given.

Q. Does Jackie Abraham Fine and Estate Jewelry purchase items other than Jewelry?
A. Yes we purchase gold, silver, loose gem stones and watches as well as jewelry.

Q. Is my transaction with you confidential?
A. No matter if you are selling a watch, used diamonds or selling antique jewelry all transactions are extremely private and confidential. You can count on the discretion of our professional and experienced staff.

Q. If I wanted to use my jewelry in an exchange in order to buy a new piece of Jewelry, would you be able to provide me with that service?
A. Jackie Abraham’s has a fantastic trade-in and trade-up policy for clients who wish sell their used diamonds and apply it to the price of another jewelry item. In addition, we have a diamond trade-in policy that benefits our customers in their future diamond acquisitions. At Jackie Abraham, diamond jewelry that you’ve purchased from us can be traded-in at any time and the original purchase price will go toward the price of any new diamond item of similar or higher value.