No doubt you have seen Jackie Abraham Jewelers and All That Sparkles in magazines such as In Store Magazine or the Jewish Way Business Section, or perhaps in ads in your local newspapers where he helps consumers not only to understand how to sell gold jewelry but where to sell gold jewelry. Jackie wants his friends and neighbors in the community to be highly informed and be able to rest assured that they are getting the highest value quality jewelry at some of the best prices when it comes to buying and selling jewelry.

Jackie Abraham has also been highlighted on local radio stations such as 89.7 Classical South Florida, 100.3 News Radio and WLRN Public Radio and Television Station of South Florida.

Jackie, a local merchant and business owner for many years, is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community and supports the community by being a sponsor in many local charity fundraising events such as the Gala for Life.

The knowledge accumulated by Jackie through years in the jewelry business combined with a genuine desire to provide clients with exceptional jewelry offerings and excellent service is something Jackie takes pride in. “It’s not only important for me to pass on true value, but more important to provide jewelry that is exceptional and wearable for today’s women. I also believe in informing and educating the consumer as much as possible.”

Just as jewelry artists of old built a reputation for being a good craftsman by producing painstaking, precise work, Jackie Abraham has built a reputation for integrity and honesty in the jewelry business. “Whether I am consulting with a customer about an engagement ring or a period article of jewelry, I take the time to be sure they are informed and completely satisfied.”

When you need to know how to sell gold jewelry or where to sell gold jewelry, Jackie Abraham offers a completely free and confidential evaluation for your fine and estate jewelry items. Call or visit his beautiful Bay Harbor location today.

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